Stove installation

If you’re looking to install a multi-fuel stove in London, Fiveways Fires & Stoves can help.

Stoves and wood burners have become more popular again in recent years. By choosing the right output and heat efficient stove for the size of your room, you can not only achieve a highly desirable look in your home, but could also save a bit of money on your fuel bills.

Choosing the right stove

Only DEFRA approved stoves can be installed in London homes, burning smokeless fuels–a list of which can be found on the government website.  This list includes wood– kiln dried wood is ideal, giving a higher fuel efficiency and longer burn time.


Choosing to install a wood burning or multi-fuel stove can feel like a big undertaking. We also recognise that choosing a fireplace is usually something you only do once or twice in a lifetime, so a helpful and friendly guide is usually welcome.

We would recommend you start by visiting our friendly, family run fireplace showroom in South East London.  We can discuss your homes unique needs, and advise you on our range of multi-fuel stoves.  We’ve always got our own multi fuel stove burning, so you can get up close and see how it all works!

Site inspection

We will then visit your home and provide an initial site inspection to advise on next steps.  We’ll try to identify the size of your fireplace opening, which is often hidden behind a current fireplace. This can be tricky if there is already a fireplace installed.  However, we have decades of experience, and with a few simple checks, we can give you a pretty good idea of what lies beneath.  This will help us to guide you on the perfect size stove to choose.


Your perfect stove

Once you have decided on your perfect stove – which depends on your personal style choice as well as heat output – we will visit you to start the installation by remove the current fireplace and check the builders opening, ensuring all is as expected.  With luck we can proceed  to install your chosen stove – but if remedial works are required, we are happy to advise and discuss the options with you. We are also happy to discuss wood burning stove installation regulations, if you have any questions.

We may have to reinstate your chimney, chimney pot and or line the chimney with an appropriate fuel liner.  We are experts in all aspects, and can help to ensure a successful outcome, and will discuss with you the options across the installation.

Bohemia 97881-8(X60)In no time at all, you will be revelling in your new stove.  Once installed, we’ll commission the stove for you – setting up the first fire, and showing you how it all works.

Learning how to keep the fuel burning is not hard to master, but extremely satisfying. Quite quickly, you’ll be inviting your friends round, and stoking the fire like an expert!

We also offer aftercare for your stove, and will remind you each year to book in for a service and chimney sweep, to keep your stove performing to it’s peak of safety and efficiency.

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