Lintel Repair, Replacement and Alterations

If the size and position of the opening in your chimney is not perfect for your desired fireplace, we can help by making alterations to the lintel and the original builders opening.

It is often tricky to predict what we will find when we remove an old fireplace.  Occasionally the opening will be perfect for the new fireplace to be put straight in – but often, the original opening has been adjusted over time to accommodate the fireplace of the era.  Sometimes the lintel has been lowered to cater to the 60’s style gas fire, other times the brick work is in such bad shape that it needs to be rebuilt to support the new fireplace installation.

We always advise the best way forward, and can help with most alterations to give you your dream fireplace.  There are restrictions of course, but during our initial site visit, we will determine as much as we can from inspecting the current fireplace, and talk with you about the options and possibilities.

The restoration work required can mean that the installation may need to be done over the course of a few weeks, to allow the alterations and building work to cure and be ready to support the next stage.  Although alterations will add time to the project, it will be worth it in the end!

Lintel repair and other building works:

  • Air vents supplied and fitted
  • Rendering and plastering
  • Lintels installed or replaced and alterations to the builders opening
  • Solid fuel fireplace installations
  • Repairs and replacement of existing firebacks
  • Remove fireplaces and clear openings

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