Chimney sweeping is essential if you have an open fire or multi-fuel stove in your home.  As part of our aftercare service we will write to remind you to have your chimney serviced and cleaned once a year.  We offer this service from April until August, and suggest you book in early to get a preferable slot.

If you are using your fireplace regularly, the dangers of leaving your chimney unswept for a long period of time cannot be over stated.  The build up of soot and other fuel deposits means that the chimney will not perform to is best, and over time this lack of efficiency to expel the smoke and other noxious gases from the fire, in addition the heat build up can lead to chimney fires – a costly prospect.

In addition to offering a sweeping service, we can also repair and maintain your chimney.

If we are installing a new fireplace for you, we will always examine the chimney and flue opening and recommend any remedial work as part of the installation.  Some fireplace installation require a special flue liner to be put in place – in particularly for a multi-fuel or wood burning stove installation – a liner will be run from the stove all the way up to the chimney pot, effectively sealing in the opening keeping you and your family safe from smoke and gases produced by the fire.

We can also reinstate a chimney pot if your home no longer has it’s original.  A modern chimney pot comes with a wire mesh and topper to prevent birds from accidentally tumbling into your chimney.  If this sounds like a good idea – it is, and we can even replace your original chimney pot with this more modern version as one off job, even without a full fireplace installation.

Chimney testing and repairs are just one of the services we offer.

Other chimney services include:

  • Solid fuel chimney lining service
  • Chimney sweeping
  • Chimney pots and cowlings
  • Chimney testing and repairs

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