Why Now is the Right Time to Invest in a New Fireplace

It may seem counter-intuitive to think about installing a fire just as the warm weather arrives, but there are some very good reasons to think hard about your heating options long before you actually need them.


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Gothic Fireplace – Choosing and Maintaining

Gothic Cast Iron Combination FireplaceGothic Fireplaces

If your home has a traditional feel, or you live in a period property, adding or restoring a gothic fireplace to it position in the heart of your home may be on your wishlist.

The Gothic-era fireplace consisted of a pair of jambs, a four-centred arch, a lintel and a mantel shelf – largely reminiscent of a fireplace that we would recognise today.

The gothic style can apply to both cast-iron inserts as well as full stone fireplace surrounds, and with the fine craftsmanship and materials available – it becomes a matter of personal choice from the many and varied designs available.

Type of Fireplaces

However, before the installation of Gothic fireplace you need to decide the type of fireplace for you. Do you prefer using an electric, gas or wood burning fire place? Whichever type you decide, we can help!

  • Gas Fireplaces

This type of fireplace is most familiar to more households in the UK. Both easy to maintain and operate, gas fireplaces are one of the top choices for fireplaces in the UK. A ‘real’ flame design will create the Gothic feel you are looking for in your home, with none of the effort required to maintain a wood burning fire.

  • Electric Fireplaces

An electric fireplace is a perfect fit for smaller rooms, and an electric fireplace ‘tray’ can be inserted into a Gothic fireplace surround – offering the ease of electric heating as well as the style you are looking for in your home.

  • Wood-burning Fireplaces

If you prefer to have a wood-burning fireplace, a flue or chimney is required, however, if you do not have a chimney there are a multitude of ways we can help to install a wood burning stove safely – we are happy to visit your home and discuss the options with you. Full Gothic surrounds in marble, wood or cast iron are available to complete the gothic look.

There may be many possibilities when it comes to de deciding to install a traditional fireplace, and you should also consider the importance of on going care to keep your fireplace both functional and safe.

Caring for your fireplace

Undertaking light but regular maintenance is advised to ensure your fireplace is working at maximum efficiency and looking it’s best. For wood-burning fireplaces, it is essential to always clean the ash piled up at the bottom of the grate before lighting another fire.  When we install your fireplace, we will advise you of how to operate your new fireplace safely.

It is important to ensure a professional fireplace cleaner visits at least once each year, more if the fire is lit throughout the year. This will also allow for the chimney to be inspected, and any maintenance to be completed. We offer an after care service as part of our fireplace installation service, and will write to remind you when your chimney sweep is due so you can arrange a convenient time for us to visits.

View a selection of our range of Gothic fire places >

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Contemporary Fireplace Surrounds

Royal Integra Black_181x186A striking fireplace can make a room feel cosier and even more attractive. With contemporary fireplace surrounds available in timber, marble, and stone, we have a type to match any home, from a period house to a modern one.

When you choose top-quality contemporary fireplace surrounds from Fiveways Fires and Stoves, you get beautiful designs that range from classy white limestone to elegant Imperial marble. The clean lines and minimalistic appearance of our modern surrounds complement your selected room, without ever appearing overpowering in the home. Enjoy a fresh approach to traditional fireplace design.

Choose from contemporary fireplace surrounds that fit around your gas or electric fire, or gas stove, or we can help you choose a set that includes both fire and surround. We offer custom designs for a perfect fit for your home. Whether you want a floor to ceiling fireplace or a lower height one that enables you to hang a flat-screen TV or picture above the mantle, we carry many options to suit all tastes.

To get a quality fireplace surround with a proper installation that looks great too, contact the local professionals at Fiveways Fires & Stoves. For a free quote or to ask any questions about contemporary fireplace surrounds, simply call our friendly team on 0208 127 4747 today.

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A Guide to Flueless Fireplaces 

eko 5020Flueless fireplaces are a wonderful way to enhance the look of your room, adding value to your property in addition to providing a valuable source of heat using an energy efficient process. Our modern flueless fireplaces in the UK require no flue system or chimney and are simple to use. Install is easy with our beautiful open flame fireplaces.

Our safe models use filters and other technology to burn cleanly and evenly with minimal emissions vented from the fire. An outside air vent that comes from inside the room is a requirement for install. There are many variations on how the fireplaces are fit into the wall, whether you want a traditional surround or more contemporary, like a wall mount.

For every flueless gas fire there is a minimum room space for its installation; the larger the fireplace’s kw rating, the larger the room has to be. For a room less than 100m3, we recommend the 2.7kw flueless fireplace, whereas a larger room would benefit from the 3.5kw option. The appliances are not typically meant for basements or bathrooms and are intended for use as a secondary heat source.

For your flueless fireplace to operate at its best, we recommend a quality installation and annual servicing from Fiveways Fires & Stoves. Call us today for a free consultation or to get answers to your inquiries about flueless gas fires.

Explore  a selection of our range from Ekofires 

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Marble Fireplace Surrounds London and South East

As specialists in mmarble fireplace surround londonarble fireplace surrounds, we can supply and fit a huge range to compliment your chosen fire insert.  Our London based show room has a selection of our marble fireplaces or you can view our range here.

Marble fireplace surrounds work well with electric or gas fire inserts, and each is unique due to the nature of the material.

The characteristic swirls and veins of marble are usually due to various mineral impurities in the limestone.

If you don’t see the exact marble fireplace you’re looking for, give us a call – we’re happy to help you to create your perfect fireplace at the heart of your home.


A Guide to Marble Fireplaces in London

During the 18th century, marble fireplaces in London were used as a sign of status and wealth. Nowadays, installation of marble fireplaces has become more popular. Marble fireplace surrounds are usually handcrafted and installed adding elegance and beauty. The durability of marble fireplaces is unparalleled and stand the test of time.

Marble fireplaces can be both traditional or modern in design or customised to your chosen design. Choosing the right fire surround that will complement your house is important, here at Fiveways Fires and Stoves we recognise that this will be the focal point of your home for years to come.

Installation of Marble Fire Surrounds in London is a service provided by Fiveways Fires and Stoves. When choosing where to install the fireplace, it’s important to make sure to position it in a place that is free from grease, dust, and liquid.  A single marble fireplace surround may weigh as much as 265 lbs. Before installation, we will perform a free site inspection and help you to determine whether the wall and the floor of your house have the capacity to support the weight of the surround.

Cleaning and caring for your marble fire surround

Marble by its nature is a very porous material, it will absorb any liquids that are accidentally spilt or poured onto its surface. This means that standard cleaning products and harsh chemicals, can become absorbed into the stone which can damage the integrity of the stone, and could damage or crack the surface. For this reason, we recommend a specialist marble cleaning product, designed to clean marble.

As marble is natural product, abrasive cleaning products or rough cloths or brushes can easily ruin the marble’s finish. Modern marble fireplaces are well- coated, which means they can withstand the milder abrasives, but historic marble is more easily damaged, and must be treated with care if it is to retain its value.

Top tips for cleaning marble:

  • First, use a very soft cloth to remove any surface dust and dirt from the fireplace.
  • To remove any stains on the marble, start with a soft, clean cloth that’s been dipped into distilled water – the purer the water, the better as any impurities can stain the marble.
  • Lightly wipe the dampened cloth along the fireplace, paying particular attention to stained areas.
  • If water by itself hasn’t been successful in removing all of the stains, you can use a specialist cleaning product designed for marble.
  • Remember to read the directions before using and to test any product or method on a small, inconspicuous area first to ensure the cleaning solution doesn’t damage the marble.

Contact us or visit us at our Eltham based Fireplace Showroom >





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Carron Cast Iron Fireplaces


This week, we’re introducing Carron’s collection of cast iron combination fireplaces, with styles and designs for all interior designs from Georgian, through Victorian, Gothic Revival and Art Nouveau.

Georgian-style Fireplaces

Hawthorne Cast iron Fireplace

The Hawthorne is a Georgian cast iron fireplace that displays a wonderful attention to detail.

The repeated artistic finish within the framing of a half-arched opening is divided perfectly by a circular flower design, a feature which is matched by the half-flowers that reappear beneath the fireplace’s curved overhanging shelf.

 View all of our cast iron fireplaces




Gothic Revivial Fireplaces

Gothic Cast Iron Combination Fireplace

The Gothic Revival style cast iron fireplace is elegantly simplistic, with a commanding archway that is decorated with an impressive repeated design.

The highlighted columns are striking in their presence, based on bold feet, and join with a gothic patterning beneath the shelf.

 View all of our cast iron fireplaces




Art Nouveau Fireplaces

Toulouse Cast Iron Combination Fireplace

The Toulouse cast iron fireplace boasts a magnificent design in the Art Nouveau style, decorated with four tulips and accompanying leaves.

The fireplace’s unique vine artwork framing is complimented by the colour of the partly visible tiles that complete the background.

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Victorian Cast Iron Fireplaces

Victorian Small Cast Iron Fireplace 181x186

The Victorian style cast iron fireplace is perfect in size, design and stature for placement in a bedroom or in smaller rooms of a household.

It is designed with intricate fruit and urn artwork and completed with a beautifully sunken archway.

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 Manufacturing and Finishing

Carron’s Fireplaces and surrounds are all manufactured to the highest standard using quality casts, and assured manufacturing techniques.

Cast Iron & Wooden Surrounds

Available in a range of designs and finishes; Carron fireplace surrounds compliment their fireplaces wonderfully. There is a choice of hard and softwood including American oak, solid pine, sheesham and acacia.

 View all of our cast iron fireplaces

To find out more contact us or visit our fireplace showroom in New Eltham.

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Past Work: Installation of Portway I Traditional Multifuel Stove

The Portway I Traditional Multifuel stove is a compact, small steel stove which features a cast iron stove top and feet providing a touch of elegance that will look perfect in any home.

We installed this stove in the our clients beautiful original marble fireplace. The fireplaces was fitted with a slate hearth and slips.

Also shown in the picture are a knight companion set and coal bucket.

Orignal Fireplace with Portway


More about the Portway I Traditional Multifuel

  • 5mm thick steel bodies
  • Cast iron door, stove top, feet and grates
  • Large viewing window
  • Simple operating controls
  • Ultra-slim depth
  • Clean glass Airwash system
  • Large, easy-carry ashpan
  • Up to 10 hours burn time
  • Takes log lengths up to 300mm (12″)
  • 125mm (5″) top or rear flue connection
  • CE Approval to standard BS EN 13240
  • Suitable for use in Smoke Control Areas, as recommended by DEFRA

Contact or visit us in our fireplace showroom

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Spotlight on Contemporary Stoves: Carron Enamel Cast Iron Stoves 4.7kw

If you’re looking for a stove that brings together a modern look with a traditional stove feel, take a closer look at the Carron range of stoves.

With an enamel finish, the stoves are available range of contemporary colours including; Red, Blue, Green, Egg Plant, Sage Green and Cream. Can be coupled with a log store.

Stove Features:

  • Approved for use in smoke exempt zones when burning wood
  • 76% efficient when burning wood
  • Secondary air lintel for cleaner gall and improved combustion
  • Multi fuel grate
  • No additional room ventilation required
  • External riddle grate mechanism with removable handle
  • Adjustable door handle to allow for fire rope compression
  • Available in 10 enamel finishes as well as standard matt black
  • 4 piece fire clay brink lined inner
  • Large flame picture window
  • Top flue only
  • Suitable for use with a 12mm hearth

Contact Fiveways Fires and Stoves for more information and a free site survey.

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Past Work: Stove Installation and Fireplace Repair

Our client had just moved to a Victorian-style terrace house in New Eltham and wanted to remove the modern gas fire and tile surround, and replace it with a wood burner.

With a clear vision of what the finished result should be, we provided a range of services to complete the job.

Site Inspection
An initial site inspection made sure that the chimney structure was intact and determined which sort of flue would be required. The chimney pot itself had been removed and would need restoring, and the existing gas supply would need disconnecting and making safe under the floor boards before work could start to remove the existing gas fire and tiled surround.

Modern gas fire with tile surround which was to be removed and replaced

Modern gas fire with tile surround which was to be removed and replaced

Removal of the existing fireplace
We made an initial appointment to complete the preliminary works.  When we removed the fireplace, we had hoped to see a well structured opening that could be cleaned up ready for the wood burner to be installed.  Unfortunately, you never know what’s behind the surround until it comes out – and what we found was a fireplace opening that had been reworked to decrease the opening height for the previous fireplace installation – disappointing for us all, but not a problem – we undertook to repair the lintel and restore it to it’s original configuration.

The big reveal - the original lintel had been removed and replaced with a concrete block to decreased the height of the opening.

The big reveal – the original lintel had been removed and replaced with a concrete block to decrease the height of the opening.

Lintel repair
We made another appointment with our client to come back and restore the lintel two weeks later – in the meantime we made a metal former to support the new brick work, and our client cleaned up the newly revealed original bricks ready for the restoration.

When we came back we knocked out the concrete block and two rows of bricks above to increase the height of the opening to accommodate the chosen wood burner. Re-using the original bricks we would able to restore the arched formation.

Restored lintel, using original bricks.

Restored lintel, using original bricks.

Stove Installation

We returned one week later to install the Baby Gabriel multi-fuel stove. This gave the work time to dry out and settle in.

Newly installed Baby Gabriel multi-fuel stove.

Newly installed Baby Gabriel multi-fuel stove.

Our client was very happy with the result and sent us this later image to show how the house is looking with a little more decoration completed!

The Baby Gabriel multi-fuel stove installed, lintel repair completed and one happy customer!

The Baby Gabriel multi-fuel stove installed, lintel repair completed and one happy customer!


Past work: Lintel repair and stove installation

We’re happy to work with you to achieve your desired look and feel for the heart of your home – we offer a range of services to give a one-stop-shop service.  Contact us today to discuss your project.

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Introducing our range of Bohemia X Multifuel Stoves

This week, we’re excited to tell you more about our new range of Bohemia X Multifuel stoves.

Tested, approved and recommended by Defra for use in smoke control areas, the Bohemia family of wood and multi fuel stoves incorporates the latest clean burn technology is the result of years of practical design experience. With improved efficiency, the range includes 3kw to 7kw versions.

The Bohemia X range includes a cube design, with clean lines for a contemporary look. A log store is also available to add to the Cube stove, forming a stand.

Precision built in steel to exacting standards these traditionally and classically styled stoves will complement brick, limestone or a plain and simple fireplace settings.

Find out more about the Bohemia X Range:

Bohemia X30_181x-186

Bohemia X30

The compact Bohemia X30 stove is ideally suited to a smaller fireplace opening. This small stove is ideal for  smaller holiday homes, narrow boats or summer houses.

The X30 is perfect for burning wood or manufactured smokeless fuels and will give a lovely radiant and convection heat to warm the room whilst giving a wonderful view of the fire.

Enquire now >


Bohemia X40_181x186

Bohemia X40, X50 & X60

The Bohemia 40, 50 and 60 range are super-slimline 4-7kw stoves designed to be installed on narrow hearths but can take an impressive 400mm log length.

With a large wide window giving an great view of the roaring fire, this stove offers contemporary styling with clean burn performance from its high efficient firebox.

Enquire now >


Bohemia X40 Cube_181x186

Bohemia X40 Cube

The multifuel stove introduced for this season is the latest in the successful evolving  Bohemia family of stoves.

With a large wide window this stove offers contemporary and minimalist styling but clean burn performance from its high efficient firebox.

Enquire now >



Bohemia 97881-3(X40inset)

Bohemia X40 Insert

This stove continues the familiar Bohemia feel but with its new redesigned fireback can be installed directly into the existing chair brick with or without a flue liner.

Use of the stove in place of the existing open fire immediately improves the performance and efficiency of the old fireplace.  The stove has an efficiency of 79% when burning wood against an open fire of 20-25% achieved through better burning and more complete and efficient combustion of the wood fuel.

The Bohemia X Inset stove incorporates a large viewing window, secondary and primary air controls, airwash to keep the glass clean, full Skamolex lined fire chamber, twin baffle system, built in tertiary air to burn off any hydrocarbons.

Enquire now >

View the full range of Bohemia stoves >

Fiveways Fires and Stoves have decades of experience installing multifuel stoves. We offer a full service from initial site survey through to supply and installation.  We also offer an aftercare service, chimney sweeping and we sell logs and smokeless fuel. Our friendly team are always on hand for any questions. Visit our family-run fireplace showroom in New Eltham >

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Stone Fire Surrounds in London and the South East

Stone fire surrounds are always a classic choice to complement any interior decoration.  From the very ornate to a more simple design made from beautiful stone or marble – the fireplace surrounds forms the heart of the home.

Marble and stone are of course natural materials, meaning that every fire surround is unique – be it patterning, colour or texture –and sometimes you’ll even spot a small fossil within the stone.  Each fire surround is a discovery waiting to happen.

Stone and Marble surrounds are suited to all fire types – so you could choose whichever fire place you prefer, we have a range of options available, to suit any size room.

For a traditional feel, take a closer look at the Kinder Avelli

Avelli Black Limestone suite

Stylish and classic, this small but beautiful fireplace comes in a choice of limestone or travertine surround and features a large, high efficiency gas fire with log effect fuel bed and a heat output of 4.2 kW.

The interior comes in a choice of black, cream or brick effect and can be operated by a fully sequential remote. Suitable for installation into a brick chimney or pre-fabricated flue. A balanced flue version is also available for homes without a standard chimney or flue system. Click on the image to view our full range.

For a more modern look, try the Kinder Black Magic

Black Magic

A modern, coal effect gas fire which can be installed to almost all flue types.

Fiveways Fires & Stoves have installed hundreds of stone fireplace surrounds over the years, each one unique and each with it’s own place in the family’s home. Click on the image to view our full range.

View our full range of stone and marble surrounds here >

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Can I have a multi fuel stove in a smoke control area?

One of the questions we get asked a lot is whether it is possible to have a multi fuel stove or wood burner installed in a house or flat in London.

Happily the answer is yes, but there are a few things you need to know.

If you live in London or indeed any town or city in the UK, it’s very likely that you live in ‘smoke control’ area.

This means you can’t emit smoke from a chimney unless you’re burning an authorised fuel or using exempt appliances. These regulations are in place to meet smoke emission standards. There is a list of authorised fuels available on the DEFRA website.

Exempted appliances are tested to show they meet the DEFRA smoke control standards for emissions when they burn non authorised smokeless fuels such as wood.

Wood is not classed as an ‘authorised fuel’ but is it permitted for use – but only with an ‘exempt appliance’, which has been exempted specifically for wood burning. We’ll explain more about the different kind of fuels available for use in your stove in a future post.

So you can still have that country house feeling in the middle of suburbia, as long as you choose the right stove and fuel!

Fiveways Fires and Stoves has a wide range of wood burning and multi-fuel stoves that are suitable for use in smoke control areas. Our range of multi fuel stoves are DEFRA approved and we have decades of experience installing them.

We’re happy to advise you of the most suitable stove for your chimney opening and room size, and work with you to achieve your desired look for your home.

We also supply logs, smokeless fuel and firelighters. Call us to find out more about our log loyalty scheme.

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